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e-IPO Walkthrough

Here is an 8 Steps Easy Walkthrough for you to apply and pay for initial public offering ("IPO") of shares online via CGS-CIMB Securities Sdn Bhd's ("CGS-CIMB") e-IPO Services.

To enjoy this online e-IPO Services, you have to be an CGS-CIMB iTrade registered member (this is an online share trading service provided by CGS-CIMB) and have a CDS account registered in your own name (nominees accounts are not allowed) opened with CGS-CIMB.

Step 1:
  • Identify and click on the desired IPO to view the IPO Summary. Read the IPO details and click "Continue" to launch the electronic prospectus ("Prospectus") of the relevant IPO on the e-IPO website ("Website").

Step 2:
  • Assess the IPO carefully by reading the prospectus and the risk factors contained within it before making any decision to invest. There will be a reminder on mandatory reading of the prospectus and the risk factors within it before you click "Continue" to launch the terms and conditions ("Conditions") of the e-IPO Services on the Website.

Step 3:
  • Read and understand the Conditions before you continue to apply online. If you agree to the Conditions, you may proceed to click "Accept". Thereafter, the Notices section will appear for you to click "Accept" after you have read, understood and agreed to it, upon which you will have access to the log-in page.

Step 4:
  • Log-in to apply for the desired IPO using your CGS-CIMB iTrade user ID and password. Click "Log On" to retrieve the e-IPO application form.

Step 5:
  • Complete the e-IPO application form by keying in the following:

    i.Number of shares applied for
    ii.Preferred contact number
  • Once you have completed the above, please instruct payment of the application money by selecting the authorised financial institution and keying in your account number. Presently, Malayan Banking Berhad is the only authorised financial institution that the applicant may select to make the relevant payment.

  • Proceed to click "Submit" and by doing this you undertake and confirm that:

i.You have read the electronic prospectus on the Website and carefully considered the relevant risk factors set out in the relevant Prospectus, in addition to all other information contained in the relevant Prospectus before applying for the IPO
ii.You have read and agree to the Conditions
iii.You have complied with the requirements on "Eligibility of Making an Application under e-IPO Services" set out in Condition 4 of the Conditions
Step 6:
  • Please ensure that all details provided by you on the "IPO Application Details" page are true, accurate, complete and up-to-date.

  • Once you are satisfied with the details, key in your Trading Pin number and click "Confirm" to submit your e-IPO application.

  • You cannot amend or cancel once you have submitted your e-IPO application.

Step 7:
  • You will be linked to the website of the selected authorised financial institution to enable online payment of the application money for the IPO applied for.

  • Log on to the selected authorised financial institution by keying in your username and password and proceed with the transaction.

  • Once you complete the transaction, a message from the selected authorised financial institution on the payment status will appear on the screen.

  • Similarly, a message from CGS-CIMB or a party, on its behalf will appear to confirm receipt of the submitted application.

Step 8:
  • You may check the status of your e-IPO application, including the status of the allotment of the IPO shares from the "Application Status" page.

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